De Luna wines pair well with most types of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, turkey and fish. Also delicious with cheese pasta, red Italian sauces and Alfredo sauce. Exceptionally good with chocolate!

World famous Montmorency cherries cause an explosion of flavor that make DeLuna Cherry Bomb the most sought after cherry wine in the free world. DeLuna starts with the highest quality products available in the world, so who wouldn’t expect “super delicious,” right?

BOLD strawberry and kiwi that’ll fill your mouth with a party from the south! This wine is a must for all wine lovers everywhere!

Once you try Blueberry Explosion you may never look at blueberries the same. Let some blueberries explode in your mouth today!

The only Pomegranate wine guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of every person who taste it. If you don’t absolutely love this wine, just send back the unused portion. And we’ll drink it for you. 

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